Can I dye my lace wig?


Due to the fact that the hair has already been dyed and processed, we would not recommend any further dyeing of the product. However if you purchase a Virgin unit, you will be able to have fun dying it to any shade you want.

Can I part my wig anywhere i please? (Ventilation)


For custom lace wigs you have several different options for your wig ventilation (direction or "part" style at front of lace wig). Freestyle (part anywhere), Center Part, Left side Part, Right side Part and Flatback Part. If you choose the "Freestyle" (part anywhere) option you will be able to part your lace wig anywhere. If you choose you we can also create the wig to have a natural part in the center, left or right side. 

Can I still wear a lace wig if i have a full head of hair?


YES, all you have to do is braid your hair in small flat cornrows either in a beehive or straight back. Or you can wrap your hair flat back. Then use a wig cap to keep your natural hair in place. It's that simple.

Can wavy & curly lace wigs be flat ironed?


Yes they can, but it depends on the tightness of the curl. For really tight curls (like Jerry Curl and Water Wave) we suggest you don't flat iron it. Some customers have had success flat-ironing curly wigs, however we highly recommend purchasing a straight style and a mild curly style wig as your wigs will last much longer.

Do I have to shave my hairline back to wear a lace wig?


No you do not. It truly depends on you application preference. Some women prefer to tape/adhere thier wig to their hairline (on their baby hairs or via shaving their baby hairs) in order to achieve a natural look. A natural look can be achieved without doing this. Be sure to properly cut your lace wig leaving enough lace to hold/adhere to the glue. Extra lace is needed to hold the lace wig firmly and avoid placing glue/tape to your hairline. Repeatedly placing glue and tape intentionally on your hair line will cause eventual damage. How long am I allowed to keep my wig on? That will depend on the strength of the adhesive you choose, and your personal comfort. Most Ultra Hold adhesives and Safe Grip adhesives have maximum hold time of 6 weeks.

How do I maintain my lace wig?


  1. Fill your clean sink with luke warm water (make sure there is absolutely no bleach or other harsh cleaning chemical residue in the sink)
  2. Add a capful or less of gentle(human hair wig formulated) shampoo and dilute in the water. Never use regular shampoo on your wigs! If the wig has picked up the odor of smoke or other strong odors, you may add a teaspoon of baking soda to your basin, and blend in.
  3. Gently swish the wig or piece in the water for about 30 seconds to a minute until the wig is saturated. Gently rub the front of the wig cap, where it meets the forehead until clean. And remember VERY GENTLY!
  4. Leave the wig soak in the wig sink for about 5 minutes
  5. Empty the wig basin of water and rinse the wig or piece in cool water. It is very important to use cool water on curly wigs, as warm water will over-relax the curls of wigs.
  6. Gently squeeze excess water out of wig. Do not rub or twist your wig.
  7. Spread the wig out on a plastic wig stand and leave in a ventilated area to dry overnight. You should spray on a little leave-on wig conditioner, when you start the drying process. It is not recommended to blow dry your wig. Do not brush or style your wig while it is wet.
  8. When the wig is entirely dry, re-style the wig gently. We recommend a wig pick or wide tooth comb. Bristle brushes, and roll brushes are not recommended. Do not use regular shampoo/conditioner products. It is too strong for human hair wigs.

How long will my lace wig last?


Your lace wig can last for many years depending on the upkeep and usage of the wig. We provide you with full care instructions free via our website.

I exercise and swim often, will my lace wig stay put?


YES, the wig is just like your regular hair so you can do all normal activities with it on such as exercising, swimming, showering, sweating, etc. No one will ever know that it is not your own natural hair. The only time you do not get it wet is the first 24 hours after applying the adhesive. There are also special water proof adhesives that you can use as well. You will want to buy a water proof glue like the Ultra Hold for swimming.

What are 'glueless' lace wigs?


Glueless lace wigs are simple ready to wear no glue lace wigs. They have a very similar natural hairline like our Full lace wigs, except you DO NOT NEED TO USE ADHESIVES to attach the unit to your head. Our No Glue Lace Wigs stay secure because of the full stretch lace and adjustable straps and attached combs. If you want more security, we can attach an elastic pulley in the back to tighten it even more. You can wear our No Glue Lace Wigs with a feeling of confidence, knowing your wig will not fall off.

What are bleached knots?


Bleached knots is a technique where we bleach out the knot that is made when each strand of hair is hand-tied into the lace at the base of the cap. It bleaches the knot out, making it a little lighter so that it does not stand out as much. It gives it a more natural appearance as though the hairs are growing out of the scalp. This is recommended when you choice a dark hair color. Also note that even though you can achieve a more natural look with bleached knots, the bleach does weaken the knot which means you may experience shedding faster than in the other areas. However our wigs are expertly hand made and with proper care should last for years with minimal shedding.

What is a 'french lace' and 'swiss lace'?


The French Lace is a bit more durable. It is stronger and will hold up better over the long run, French lace is slightly more detectable if it does not match the skin/complexion of the user appropriately. The Swiss lace is slightly thinner, it is less detectable and blends better with the the skin/complexion after application, however it is slightly less durable but it will never fall apart in your hands. The lace is fine for great undetectability but it is durable enough for normal use and wear. Most of our lace wigs are made with Swiss Lace. It is the most popular and recommended choice due to its ability to blend well with the skin/complexion.

What is a 'thin skin wig'?


Thin skin is blend of polyurethane materials and imitates the appearance of skin. These are commonly regarded as 'Silk Tops'. However, it is best used in cooler climates at it does not allow your scalp to breath like the Swiss or french lace caps.

What is a 'widows peak' and a 'natural hairline'?


A "natural" hairline is commonly referred to as a "straight" hairline. Where the hair grows out of your scalp in a straight area above your forehead. A widow's peak, "M shaped hairline" or "Pointed Hairline" is where the your front hairline makes the shape of an "M" or comes down in a point above your forehead. 

What is baby hair?


Baby hair help create the illusion of naturalness. Baby hair is fine, short hair hand knotted around the perimeter of the wig. The purpose is to make the hairline look natural. We can also customize your baby, for example, if you would prefer only baby hair in the back, or only baby hair in the front, you can add that as a note to your custom wig order.

What is synthetic hair, remy hair and virgin hair?


"Synthetic Hair' is material that appears to be human hair but is made from non-human materials. It is less much expensive and is made to match closely to the texture and consistency of human hair. "Remy Hair" is the highest level of professionally processed human hair that gives the most natural appearance. It is the preferred choice for wigs and hairpieces. It is versatile and available in many processed colors and textures. "Virgin Hair" is the most superior and purest hair choice. It has never been chemically processed or altered in color or texture. The hair cuticle is in correct alignment from root to ends (with all the cuticles aligned in the same direction). It is tangle-free and the most manageable. It is very healthy and natural in appearance and will last the longest. 

What is wig density?


Density is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be. The standard and most popular choice is 120% which is Medium Thick Density. The average human head is considered 100% density so 120% is thicker.

What kind of glue or tape should i choose?


If you want a 1-6 week hold you will want to purchase the Ultra Hold glue or the Safe Grip Wig Glue. For a 1-10 day hold the Mity Tite is best. Some prefer the ease of rolling on tape adhesive. Or use glue in the front hair line and tape in the back. Whatever option you go with, bear in mind that the adhesive that is best for you will depend upon personal preference, level of comfort with the product, your lifestyle and your body chemistry. People have different results using the same products as people vary. For example, some have more oily skin than others. If you have been working with a particular brand and are not getting the results you want, you may want to consider the underlying tips: 

  • Did you apply the adhesives per the manufacturer's instructions? Adhesives differ in their properties and should be used as directed for their effectiveness. If you don't use as directed, you will likely not get the expected results. 
  • Is your skin and unit clean and free of oils and residue? Oils and residues affect the effectiveness of any adhesives.

Which cap style should I choose?


The most important questions is will you want to wear your wig in an up do or ponytail? If so, you will want to choose a Full lace cap style. There are many different style caps - the most common are the full lace cap with ear to ear stretch, the full lace cap with no stretch, front lace only cap meaning lace in the front only, full lace cap with thin skin in front and lace around entire perimeter of head. See HERE for pictures and examples of base cap choices.

Who can wear a lace wig?


Our wigs are for anyone - both young and old. Adults, Teens and children. Also perfect for cancer patients, alopecia patients, and anyone going through hair loss due to chemotherapy or scalp disease. Our wigs look great on all skin tones too!

Will a lace wig damage my hairline?


No. A properly applied lace wig will not damage your hairline. Be sure to properly cut your lace wig leaving enough lace to hold/adhere the glue to your skin. Extra lace is needed to hold the lace wig firmly and avoid placing glue/tape to your hairline. In addition, there are now glueless lace wigs. These lacewigs have combs attached to the lace and straps at the back so that you don't have to glue them on. They still give you a natural appearance and works just as any lace wig. Glueless lace wigs can be glued on at a later time if you wish. You will gently need to remove the combs before gluing your unit on.

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