Hair Pattern Chart

Pattern refers to the curl/wave structure in the hair. Hair patterns can help you correctly identify the patterns in  your own hair. If you plan to blend your own hair with our virgin hair, understanding hair patterns can make your blending process seamless. For ex, if you hair is a Wavy A pattern, blending type A pattern will be much easier than blending type C pattern.
Wavy Pattern 2A
Pattern 2A is gently slightly 'S' waved hair that has lots of movement and bounce. It is generally easy to straighten or curl and will return to its original texture once conditioned. Pattern 2A celebrities include: Emma Stone
Wavy Pattern 2B
Pattern 2B has waves that forms from the roots to the tip of the hair in the shape of 'S' It is more textured than than 2A and generally easy to straighten or curl. Pattern 2B will return to its original texture once conditioned. Pattern 2B celebrities include: Carrie Underwood
Wavy/Curly Pattern 2C
Pattern 2C is thicker, coarser wavy hair that is composed of a variety of wave/curl patterns. This pattern is very versatile as you can wear it either straight, wavy or curly. Pattern 2C hair tends to be more resistant to styling and will not frizz easily. Pattern 2C celebrities include: Taylor Swift
Curly Pattern 3A

 3A curls show a definite loopy 'S' pattern. Curls are well defined and springy. Curls are naturally big, loose and generally easy to straighten. Pattern 3A celebrities include: Shakira
Curly Pattern 3B
Pattern 3B has well defined springy copious curls that range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews and has a coarse texture. Pattern 3B can be straightened but it will take a lot of time and work.  Pattern 3B celebrities include: Julianna Marguiles
Curly Pattern 3C
Pattern 3C can range from fine and thin to wiry and coarse with lots of strands densely packed together. It can either be kinky or very tightly curled. It has voluminous tight curls in corkscrews, approximately the circumference of a pencil or straw. Getting this type of hair to blow dry straight could be a challenge. Pattern 3C celebrities include: Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange Knowles
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