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Golden Swish

Ombre RAW Hair - Natural Straight

Ombre RAW Hair - Natural Straight

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Shop our Discounted Ombre brown tone bundles from our Our Raw Hair Collection (Platinum)
These are Raw Donor Hair sourced and collected from the northern regions of South America. Most of the bundles in this collection have natural brown tones due to sun exposure in the donor region.

Pattern Available: Natural Straight with a slight wave
Colors: Deep Warm Brown with #2 and #4 color progression through the bundles.
These are great for ladies who want a pop of color without having to dye their own extensions. These ombre extensions are a damage-free way to add brightness to your hair color!
Texture: Slight - Medium Coarse
Luster - Medium-Low Luster

With each piece, you can expect thick, strong hair with a natural bounce
Using our strongest wefting method, each piece is guaranteed to be non-shedding, tangle-free and effortlessly manageable.

Like all of our virgin hair collections, this hair can be washed, curled, flat ironed and is reusable for several years.


Shipping & Returns

This product ships in 1-3 business days. All returns must be postmarked within 7 days of delivery. Please see our refund/exchange policy for more details.

Weft / Length

Blending/Wefting Each bundle is priced at 3.5oz. You need at least 2 bundles (minimum 7oz) for lengths up to 16-18". For longer lengths, we recommend 3 bundles (minimum 10.5 oz). Because we never mess with the integrity of the hair collected from each donor, we weft each pony tail as is from the donor. We never mix and match different ponytails in a bundle. Due to this, you may receive bundles that are bigger or less than 3.5 oz. But we ensure to blend your order so that the total sum of all your bundles will be equivalent to the total oz you paid for.

Care Instructions

In addition to the care instructions detailed on our website. A care instruction guide will be included with your package.

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